Customer satisfaction is the fundamental value that guides all the activity of ILS.
We have a highly qualified staff and expert in comprehensive logistics to ensure the quality of their services, providing their customers full confidence in the work being done.

ILS has certified the management and execution of logistic and transport operations with the ISO 9001: 2015 certification by TÜV Rheinland. This ensures a focus on quality, according to internationally accepted standards.

The Quality Department promotes the definition and compliance of the Company’s Quality
Policy, the compliance with the security norms and regulations applicable to our services, as well as the specifications and requirements of our clients, the definition of the interested parties , reviewing them periodically to carry out improvement actions when necessary, establishing measurable and quantifiable quality objectives and monitoring them in order to carry out continuous improvement.

ILS aims to review and improve its management objectives in order to become a national and international reference.

  • 24h online tracking
  • Real-time stock control
  • National daily departures
  • International daily departures
  • Fleet of own trucks

Do you want detailed information about our services?

We study and offer solutions to specific projects of our clients, we work to find the best possibilities of the market in consequence to the demand of the project in charge.